Olive Route: past and present

Oil has been produced in Cyprus since ancient times. The Greek philosopher, Strabo characterizes the island of Cyprus as an “eagle” because it produced famous, light olive oil. Olive production is evident throughout the Solea Valley as modern farmers cultivated olives and produced the famous oil, edible olives and other derivatives such as soaps and cosmetics in small, modern laboratories. The olive tree tradition is also found in the many olive mills in the area, many of which have been renovated and can be visited. While the Eliomilos Museum in Kakopetria offers an overall picture of olive-growing tradition.

On this route that starts from Kourdali and has the last stop at the Pafitainas Olive Mill in Spilia, do not miss to see the ancient olives in various places, some of them reaching 800 years. The route is 18 km in length and no stops last about 40 minutes.