The Virgin Mary Churches

The Virgin Mary is honoured with great respect by the entire Christian world as the mother of the Son of God. Cyprus cannot be an exception to this honour, attributed to it by the people of the island.

Tradition says that the Virgin Mary went to The Ayion Oros (in Greece) via Cyprus to visit her son’s friend Lazarus, whom Christ raised from the dead and was then the first bishop of Kition.

The people of Cyprus to honour her, built and dedicated some of the most beautiful churches of Solea in Her name, while icons, frescoes and mosaics have been created to glorify Her.

The route is quite long and has a total length of 51 km, due to the winding roads towards the end of the route, lasts without stops for about half an hour. The route can be started from the village of Nikitari and Panayia tis Asinou and completed at the Holy Temple of Panayia Zakyntheni in Kannavia. Alternatively, after your visit to Panayia tis Podithou in Galata, you can head west and visit Panayia Moutoulla. The route is suggested to be completed in two days with a stop in the villages of Galata or Kakopetria.