Klarios River

The Klarios River is 24750 meters long. It flows from the northeastern slopes of the Troodos peak and flows into the Turkish-occupied area, Morphou Bay. In the area of ​​the villages of Katydata, Linou, Flasou , Evrychou, Korakou, Tembria, Kaliana, Sina Oros, Galata and Kakopetria, the river has created one of the most beautiful valleys of the island, the Solea valley, where most of the fruit on the island is produced. Between the old and new settlements of Kakopetria, the Klarios is divided into 3 tributaries. The first we see crosses the new settlement of Kakopetria and is not an important source of water. At a distance of 145 meters there is the contribution of two other tributaries of Klarios, Karkotis or Kargotis and Garillis, which have a significant contribution to the total volume of water that the Klarios carries, as their water flow never stops.

The water flowing through the Solea valley via the Klarios River and its tributaries has had a significant impact on the lives of the inhabitants, which is reflected in the monuments. In the area there are wonderful Venetian and Byzantine bridges, water mills, oil mills and fountains.

The route is short as the points of interest are a short distance away from the villages of Galata, Kakopetria, Evrychou and Kalliana. You can do it by car, but it is better to cycle and hike to enjoy nature on the banks of the Klarios River.