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The area of ​​Solea took its name from the great wise Athenian Solonas who visited our region in the 6th century BC. According to Ploutarchos, he advised King Philokypros to transfer the city of Aepia (which was built near the Klario or Karkotis River) a little further north, towards the plain. This was done by Philokypros and so Soloi was built (he gave the new city the name of the great Athenian politician) and the whole area was named Solea or Solia.

In the villages of Solea, the Klarios River and the Troodos River gave the inhabitants all the necessary supplies to build bridges, houses, crafts, crops, mines, mills, churches, songs, myths and stories.

In every village and region, the visitor can find something interesting to see, admire, taste and walk. Nature and history have left their mark and are waiting for you to discover them.