Although the area and the villages of Solea do not have a lot of traffic, this has not prevented the inhabitants from gathering their heritage and, with the help of official bodies, to create interesting museums and collections that highlight every aspect of the area’s life and history. A total of 10 museums have been built in the villages of Solea. Also, thanks to the inhabitants’ interest and the actions of the community councils and other organizations, other important sites were also created: such as Troodos Botanical Garden “A. G. Leventis “in Amiantos, the restored house of Andreas Chrysanthou in Spilia, the Botanical workshop of Giannoula Lazarou in Korakou, the permanent photography exhibition “Copper and Cyprus” in Flasou, and others.

The route starts from the Mining Heritage Museum in Katydata and ends at the Geopark Troodos visitors’ centre with a beautiful tour of the 7 most important museums in the area. It can take place in one day or more depending on the schedule of each visitor. The stop-over is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes with a total distance of 38 km.