Elena Park

A  small public park located next to the Waterfall of Petra tou Androgynou and near the entrance of old (Palia) Kakopetria. There are wooden benches to sit and enjoy the view, listen to the serene sound of the waterfall and enjoy the freshness of the atmosphere.

In the surrounding area there are kiosks and small supermarkets, taverns and some cafes to enjoy a tea or coffee whilst enjoying nature.

Within walking distance is the Vateri Nature Trail, which was created on the west bank of the Klario river and along its course follows the course of the river. A dense forest of Plane trees and oaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

One can combine the visit with a walk in the old town of Kakopetria, which is considered to be a sample of folk architecture. The old district of the village, with narrow and winding streets, has been declared an area of ​​protected cultural heritage.


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