Older History

The few excavations that have taken place in the surrounding area show that Katydata, Linou-Flassos and Atsas had the most ancient settlements in the region. The area must have experienced its population peak after 1200BC., when the Greeks founded Solous and were methodically used to exploit the copper of Foukasa. During Hellenistic and Roman Times Hellenic Jews settled in Cyprus. In 12 BC the Roman emperor Octavian August granted King Herod the Great the exploitation of some Copper mines of Cyprus as a reward for his pro-Roman politics. Solea in Roman times must have been inhabited everywhere because even in Spilia, Roman tombs were discovered.

This is followed by the Byzantine and Venetian period of Cyprus, where a series of churches with great architecture and important frescoes were built and preserved, but also several public and private buildings and construction works such as watermills, fountains and bridges, mainly in the Venetian period.