Contemporary History

The most important contemporary historical event that marked the region of Solea was the liberation struggle of EOKA, where Cypriot fighters using this mountainous landscape of the region, fled as rebels to the mountains of Troodos, they made hideouts and co-ordinated the struggle. In the area of ​​Spilia and Kourdali, the famous Limeria of EOKA are located, while in various villages of the area monuments and heroes have been created in honour of the fighters.

Another particularly important place of memory of the area are the mines of Foukasa, Chromiou and Amiantou, the mining galleries and the great mining activity that reopened during the British domination and influenced, in various ways, in the region of Solea.

Last but not least, an almost forgotten part of the newer history of Cyprus, is distinguished by the operation of the Museum of Cyprus Railways, which is housed in the old Railway Station of Evrychou in Troodos, the southernmost terminus of the ΚΚΣ (Cyprus Government Railroad). The Cypriot Government Railroad was constructed when Cyprus was an English colony and operated from 1905 until 1951.