Adelphi Forest Peak

The peak, at an altitude of 1612 meters, at the highest point of the Adelphi Forest. The real boundaries of the forest are: to the south the ridge east of Karvounas, including Madaris, to the west the valley of Solias from Platania to the east of Flassou, south of the village of Nikitari, south of the village of Agios Georgios Kafkallos south of the Mitsero mine until Agios Epiphanios.

The peak is on the hard, pyrogenic rocks of Troodos. To the north, cross-country trails also extend to southern gobbies, very close to dunes. These rocks have survived the erosion and still exist and stand imposingly on the ridge of Troodos. In the surrounding area there are pine trees and a rich natural bushy vegetation, and on the sides there are vineyards. There are many streams coming out of the peak. The streams of Limnati, a main tributary of Kouris and the streams of Kannavia, which are the main tributary of Elia.

There are 2 different versions for its name. According to the first, two brothers lived here, so bothe the general area and the peak were named after them. According to the second version, the name is attributed to two peaks with the same characteristics, regardless of whether one is a bit higher than the other.


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