Adelphi Forest

The Adelphi (Brothers) Forest occupies an area of ​​128.8 km2, is a state property and, due to its considerable natural value, has been included in the European Network of Protected Areas ‘Natura 2000’. The real boundaries of the forest are: to the south the ridge east of Karvounas, including Madari, to the west the valley of Solea from Platania to the east of Flassou, south of the village of Nikitari, south of the village of Agios Georgios Kafkalalos south of the Mitsero mine until Agios Epiphanios. The climate, despite all the differences that exist between regions and altitudes, is mediterranean. Its rocks form impressive landscapes, such as the vertical rocks of the Madaris Winery and the cliffs of the southeast of Lagoudero known as “Aeriki Lakki”. Many species of flora and fauna occur, with many of them being a protected species.

Inside this vast area are the pine trees, the lakes, the trees, the plane trees, the screeches, the poplars, the oleanders, the myrtle trees and a huge variety of various other trees and shrubs.

The Adelphi Forest is managed by the Department of Forests of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment, where it has divided into four valleys, Agios Theodoros, Kapoura, Agia Marina and To Gefyri tis Panagias with their homonymous Forest Stations. For the protection of the forest and its maintenance there are also three fire lookout stations.


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