Aged Olive Tree (Flassou)

These ancient trees or giant trees are the long-lived and large-scale plant species of the planet. Some of these trees stand proudly despite the years they are weighing on them, unaffected by the harsh test of weather and time. They were spared from the destructive fury of fire, but more importantly, of man.

In Cyprus, these trees are living monuments of nature, they are closely tied to the history, legends and traditions of the area and are an integral and precious part of Cyprus’s natural heritage. They stand out for their very old age and their enormous dimensions, while some are considered sacred and as such, have their own particular significance.

Until November 2016, 98 individual trees and 23 tree groups have been declared preserved.

In this category of ancient trees are also olives trees in Flassou. They have been declared preservable because they meet certain requirements, such as the large dimension of the trunk or crown, their historical and religious tradition, their dominance in the region, etc. This olive has an estimated age of 300 years, a circumference of 2.83 meters and a height of 7 meters.


Natural Monuments