Agias Marinas Chapel

The chapel of Agia Marina, which has no exact date of construction, is located a few metres above, to the east of the church of Panagia Chrisopantanassa. The chapel, built with stone of the area, is small, one-storied, arched and the roof covered with ceramic tiles.

In 1980, due to the fact that the stone had been damaged, with the help of the Linos inhabitants, it was preserved externally, with a cement coating, and therefore it is grey. The enclosure is comfortable, fenced and cemented. The bell-tower is made of metal and its bell rests on this construction.

The interior of the chapel is not hagiographed. The iconostasis is of recent construction with portable holy icons, which are dated. The dedicated icon of Agia Marina, which is also dated, is located at the iconostasis. The chapel operates once a month, as well as on the 17th of July, when the memory of Saint Marina is celebrated.


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