Agios Mamas Church

The church of Agios Mamas is located in the centre of the village on a hill and is visible from most of the village. The church, based on its typology but also on the basis of testimonies, dates back to the 18th century. Its plan is rectangular and includes the main church and altar. The altar, which is separated from the main building with the iconostasis, is internally circular and externally rectilinear. The church does not have an independent bell tower, the bell is on the outside of the altar, in the triangle formed between the roof and the outer crucifix.

The most important icon of the church (but also of Korakou Village) is the icon of Agios Mamas (Saint Mamas), a work of the 15th century painter of Constantinople. The icon today, is located in Morphou Metropolis in Evrychou Village. Agios Mamas is maintained by the Department of Antiquities. Together with masonry maintenance, removal of newer coatings and repairs where necessary, landscaping of the surrounding area is also done. Sponsors include the Department of Antiquities, the Leventis Foundation and the Emigrants Association and Friends of Korakou.