Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) Chapel

This is the first Byzantine church one will encounter entering Galata village, on the east side of the road. The chapel of Saint Nicholas dates back to the 15th century. It is also the same period as the rest of the churchs in the area. It is a one-aisled rectangular church with internal dimensions of 7x3,63 metres.

The church is built with rough stones and mud. The walls of the church have a thickness of 0.58 – 0.60 metres and a height of 2.34 – 2.36 metres. The floor is paved with bricks.

From the northern wall full of religious murals, only the figures of three monks are preserved. The two, whose names were preserved, are Saint Andronikos Saint Vechianos. They date back to the first half of the 16th century.

The Galata community has a total of six Byzantine churches with pyramidal roofs and rectangular tiles, a result of an outstanding cultural heritage.

The chapel celebrates on 6 December, a day devoted to the memory of St. Nicholas.

To arrange a visit to the church, please contact Kyriakos Charalambous on (+357) 99-720918.


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