Agios Theodoros – Asinou Nature Trail

There is a nature trail that starts at the eastern side of Agios Theodoros village and ends at The Virgin Mary of Asinou church (Panagia tis Asinou), with its famous murals, this church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trail takes you through forests with natural paths and a country road. On the route you’ll be able to see the amazing views of the Morphou bay and all the way down towards its green fields.
Specifically, this trail takes you through the beautiful vivid green hills of Paliospora village, cuts through the forested mountain of Faraklou, where one can gaze upon the village on the Morphou plain, up until the beach (Thalassa tou Xerou) and the Pentadaktylos mountain range and Kormakitis Bay.

On a clear day, one can see the Karamania Mountains in Turkey. From this point, it is easy to climb the Sacred mountain of Zeus (Moutti tou Thkia) or keep walking down to the Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary of Asinou (Panagias tis Forvotissas) with its rich and ancient history.
In February, almond blossoms decorate this area, giving you an even more beautiful view of the trail.

Trail Information
Starting Point: (a) Agios Theodoros Soleas Village
End Point: The Virgin Mary of Asinou church
Distance: 5,6km
Timeframe: 1 ½ – 2 hours
Difficulty Level: 2


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