Agios Theodoros Church (Naos Ayiou Theodorou)

To the east of the old centre of the village and on the banks of the tributary that crosses the village, one will find the church of St. Theodoros Stratilatis (Naos Ayiou Theodorou tou Stratilati). The construction of the church dates back to the late 18th century. Built in the single-aisled basilica style, with a wooden, pitched, tiled roof.

The exterior walls are stone-built with a thickness of up to 90cm. The bell tower is tall and is located on the corner of the north-western wall. The icon screen of the church is made of pine wood with illustrations from the 1890s. Among other icons of great archaeological value, one can also see the icon dedicated to Saint Theodoros Stratilatis.

Tradition says that an icon of the Saint was found on the land on which this church was built. The residents took the icon and transferred it to the west bank of the river, where an old village was located. They wanted to build a church on the site where the local primary school is constructed today.

The Saint is said to have not liked that area because, as the myth says, the icon would vanish and appear where it was originally found. So they decided to build a smaller church at the point where they originally found the icon of the Saint. Later on, they extended the church and built what we see today.
On the 8th of February every year, the village honours the Saint by portraying the icon in public.