Agios Tychikos Chapel

The Apostle Tychikos was among the Saints who worked towards establishing the Church of Jesus Christ on the island.  He was one of the 70 Apostles of the Lord. Despite the fact that his name has been closely tied to Cyprus, since he was the first Bishop of Neapolis – Limassol, there are very few churches that bear his name.

One of them is in Esso Galata, which is covered by dense orchards adjacent to the ruins of an ancient chapel and was built in 2002 AD. According to tradition and the oldest residents of the region, this area was the base of the original community of Galata before moving to where it is located today and where the ruins of the chapel remain. The locals, feeling the need to thank the Saints for all the benefits bestowed upon them, and to honor Saint Tychikos, they built this chapel in his name.

It is a one-aisled chapel with three wings housed under a pitched roof. The architectural style of the church borrows elements from three important monuments: the Virgin of Podithou, the Cross of Agiasmati and the Virgin Mary of Araka.

Following local tradition, the only material used to build this monument was none other than the known volcanic rock of the Troodos mountain range.

After the completion of the chapel, two annual anniversaries were established. The 8th of December, in memory of Saint Tychikos and the 30th of June which is the Synaxis (or assembly) of the Holy Apostles.

To arrange a viewing of the church, please contact Father Kyriakos Charalambous on (+357) 99 720918.


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