Alnus Orientalis (Oriental Alder)

In large river areas, another predominant species is the Alnus orientalis. It is a deciduous tree, short-lived, with a narrow crown and a height of 20 m. Its trunk is covered with a grayish bark with vertical slits. The leaves are simple, ovate or elongated, with a length of 3-12 cm and a width of 1-6 cm and usually have sawed edges. Flowers are single (male and female).

Its beautiful foliage and ornamental male inflorescences give the plant a cosmetic value. It can be used in large gardens and parks. It is resistant to atmospheric pollution, with the ability to capture atmospheric nitrogen with the stems of the roots. Its wood is used in woodcarving, as well as for construction of agricultural tools. The logging of the Alder tree is prohibited without the permission of the Department of Forests. Its cluster is protected by the Community of Habitats Directive 92/43 / EEC and classified as priority habitats.


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