Andreas Chrysanthou Traditional Winery

The traditional winery of Andreas Chrysanthou is located at the eastern end of the village. It was built in a traditional way by the owner, Andreas Chrysanthou. All the equipment is also traditional. The jars in the winery are the same ones his grandparents used. So are the glass wine barrels. A traditional cauldron, an old grape crusher and other small items complement the collection. Andreas and his wife, Flora, maintain traditional vineyards with black grapes, xinisteri, maratheftiko, etc. From these grapes, with traditional methods, they produce excellent quality wines and magnificent Zivania in their traditional cauldron. They also produce honey based liqueurs and other beverages.

A visit to the winery can also be combined with a visit to the Shoemaker’s Museum, located in the center of Spilia village, where the shoemaker’s artwork and the machines of Christos Chrysanthou, known for his art in the nearby villages, are displayed.


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