Apostolou Louka Church

The church of Apostolou Louka is on a hill and is the first church that you find when you enter the village of Korakou. In the northern entrance of the church, on a stone slab, the date of its construction is carved, 1697.

It is a unified church with an arch, as are most churches built during the Turkish occupation period. On the outside is a second roof, wooden with hooked tiles, similar to all double-roofed churches. The second roof creates sheltered areas on the outside of the church, in three areas, that give it a different level of beauty. The altar is built like an amphitheatre, a feature that is not generally added to smaller churches like this one.

The Apostolou Louka church was maintained from the Antiquities Department in 1999 and 2000. The wooden roof was restored, new coatings were removed and the original floor of Cypriot marble was restored. All wooden windows were also repaired. In the church there is an 18th-century silver Holy Communion cup, donated by the then Metropolitan Keryneia Sofronios (1773-1791).