Atsas River

The river Atsas originates from the village of Spilia and after being enriched by various springs it descends, following a path south to the village. Just outside the village in the area of ​​”Diplopotama” at an altitude of 512 m., Atsas joins another tributary by the name of “Ferritziotis” (it originates in the “Fertitzi” area) and follows a common path. In the “Duplopotama” area, in 1950 the English built a bridge. Atsas flows into Morfou Bay passing through the villages of Petra and Pentagia after first filling two dams at the Atsas location for the irrigation needs of the village of Petra.
Just below St. Theodore, in the same valley, is the Atsas site, where it appears from old random findings, but also recently (2000-2005) from the TAESP research team from the universities of Cyprus, Glasgow and Oregon that the area was inhabited by in the Bronze Age. This is most likely due to the proximity to the Fukasa mine.
Almost every year since the beginning of winter, Atsas falls into a rush (when it is summer) and continues to have water until late spring. In dry weather the river flows for less than a few months.


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