Berberis Cretica (Cretan Barberry)

Berberis cretica is a deciduous shrub that reaches a height of 1 m. It is found in the Troodos Mountains at quite large altitudes. It carries obovate leaves and yellow pleasantly smelling flowers. Its fruits are dark berries that mature at the end of summer or autumn; they are edible but very acidic and rich in vitamin C.

The roots of the plant contain berberine, a pigment used to dye fabrics. It has great ornamental value, due mainly to its red foliage. The Barberry originated from Asian and European countries and is native to Spain. The Berberis genus includes about 600 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

The Troodos mountains are covered with forests with unique natural beauties. The plant species living in the Troodos forest are more than 750. Among the 72 endemics of Cyprus, of which 12 live exclusively in the Park and nowhere else on the planet.
Most of the Troodos forest was declared in 1992 at National Forest Park. The purpose of the declaration is to preserve and properly exploit its valuable functions and values: ecological, scientific, hydrological, recreational and tourist.


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