Botanical Workshop Giannoulas Lazarou

The great herb variety grown in Korakou in the Solea Valley, reveals the varieties that grow on the island of Cyprus. It is with the love and care of the botanist Yiannoula Lazarou that this is possible.

Mrs. Giannoula Lazarou studied Herbology and Herb Processing and Essential Oils in Tanzania at The Herbal College. She founded her first plantation in an idyllic area in Solea about 19 years ago and since then she has promoted the healing properties of herbs in Cyprus and abroad. It is a family business that has been going for four generations. They produce fresh and dried herbs, teas, creams, ointments and essential oils, aromatic and therapeutic massage. A cluster of fragrances like honeysuckle, gardenia, rosemary, cinnamon, cypress, lavender, pine, mandarin, bergamot, rose etc. and flavours, such as raspberry, mallow, and others.

Today the company completes a range of essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy and as ingredients in various cosmetics. The company has on the market, among other products, two types of massage oils, therapeutics and fragrances. In June of 2017, at the same time as their expansion into the Greek market, the company has developed their first biological face cream line (LAZAR COLLECTION).


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