Chapel of Prophet Elias

The chapel of Prophet Elias is located east of Linos village, built high on the top of the mountain. From there, the visitor has an unobstructed view of the villages of Katydata, Flassou, Linos, Korakou, as well as the top of Troodos, Mount Olympus and Morphou Bay.

The chapel was built in 1995 and has the shape of a single-aisled basilica, which has a steep roof and is covered by Byzantine-style tiles. Outside it is built with brick and whitewashed. The enclosure is blocked and cemented with cement flooring. Inside, ecclesiastical equipment, from iconostasis to lectern, is of recent construction. It is a simple, small chapel and operates three to four times a year.

At the top of the mountain, there is a large stone with a hollow. In the cavity inside, there is always a lamp lit for the Prophet Elias. It is said that Prophet Elias helps to bring a wind to enable the inhabitants to separate the straw from the seed.

It is celebrated on July 20th, where a lot of people gather, not only from the community but also from the neighboring villages.


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