Chapel of Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias was a sea man but was bored at sea and decided to go up in the mountains. That is why he became the saint of the mountaintops. The chapel of Prophet Elias is built on the hill with his name, in a location with great views. It was built in 1984, at the initiative of The Metropolitan (Highest ranking priest of the region) of Morphou, Chrysanthos, who also laid the foundation stone. It was inaugurated in June 2003 by the Metropolitan of Morphou, Neophytos.

The Saint’s memory is celebrated on July 20th with a divine service. It remains open daily.

The chapel of Prophet Elias is geographically located in the area of ​​Evrychou, a picturesque village of Nicosia, the rural centre of Solea, located about 50 km southwest of Nicosia and 30 km from Troodos. It is located on the old road of Nicosia – Troodos.

Evrychou is built on the eastern bank of the Karkotis river, at an average altitude of 440 metres. Small streams flowing down the slopes to the valley, which break up the landscape of the village.