Chapel of the Holy Cross

The chapel of the Holy Cross is built in a prominent position and specifically on a hill from where you can enjoy a view of the whole village, but also a large part of the Elia valley.

The chapel was built in 1625. It is single-aisled, built with local stone and with a wooden-paneled backyard roof. It is an exact architectural copy of the village’s main church dedicated to Saint Irene. It is worth mentioning that the interior of the temple and specifically the altar, is adorned with wall paintings of the 16th century.

Finally, to the north of the chapel is the starting point of the Agia Irene – Digenes Caves Nature Trail, where the EOKA 55-59 hideaways are located.

In the Community of Kannavia-Agia Irini Kannavia, visitors can also visit the Holy Church of Panagias Exartimenon (The Virgin Mary of the Dependents). Of utmost importance, in the history of Kannaviou is the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, know as ‘Dependent or Redemption’. In 2009, the church of Panagia ton Exartimenon hosted this ocon, which seems to play a significant role in the fight against drug rehabilitation, alcoholism and smoking, as miracles of people quitting have been recorded in Cypriots right after its arrival.


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