Chrysanthos Mylonas Hideaway

Chrysanthos Mylonas was born in the village of Galata in 1935. He was called to fight in EOKA in 1955 while still studying in the 5th grade of the Solea High School. He served in the battle with his cousin Evagoras Papachristoforou.

He was very active and developed an initiative, giving all his time in carrying out various missions. Among his responsibilities was the distribution of leaflets, the recording of slogans and the monitoring of the movements of British agents.

In May 1957, following a mandate from EOKA, he undertook, together with two other comrades, the construction of a hideout in his area to receive a rebel group with two wanted men. The hideout was in the forest, over the village of Kaliana where Evagoras Papachristoforou’s team settled. Chrysanthos took over the daily food rationing of the two rebels.

On the evening of October 8, 1957 Chrysanthos Mylonas, along with his comrade Charalambos Koukoularidis, started out from their village carrying the correspondence and food for the rebels in their mountain hideout, five kilometres from Galata village. Michael Assotis, who murdered Chrysanthos by shooting him in cold blood, was waiting for them. Assiotis had previously murdered Evagoras Papachristoforou in their hiding place. The traitor was handed over to the British who smuggled him to England.