Church of Agia Marina

The church of Agia Marina was built in 1872 and is located in the centre of Evrychou village. It is the type of single-aisled basilica, which is covered with a simplified form of arched arches and cross-shaped elements that have been established during the Frankish and Venetian period. Its size is significantly larger than the churchs of the Ottoman period, but also significantly smaller than the Gothic monuments.

The back of the church is built with an arched wall, which is supported by reinforced arches. The windows and the roof are sloped. The iconostasis of the church was built in 1905. On the south side of the courtyard there was once a cemetrey. It runs regularly week after week with the church of Agios Georgios.

In the church of Agia Marina there are two silver cases with relics of Agios Kyriakos.

The memory of St. Marina is celebrated on July 17th.

To arrange a visit to the church, please contact Neocorro Rogiros Savvides on (+357) 99-212945.