Church of Panagia Chrysopantanassa

The church of Panagia Chrysopantanassa, according to the inscription on the southern door of the church, appears to have been built in 1905. When it was built, it was in the centre of the village, but today, with the extension that the village has taken, it is located in the northeast edge of the village.

Architecturally, it has a rectangular construction of vaulted and tiled. Inside it is stone built, made of stone of the area and the pavement is made of concrete slabs. Its tall and arched bell tower touches the church and is located to the east of the church.

The interior of the chapel is not hagiographed but its iconostasis has a special structure. It is made of cast concrete and has a unique finish, which gives the effect of wood-carved construction, which is not common. The Despotic throne is wooden and carved, and was donated by the priest of the village.

In 1960 the church had reached a miserable state. With the contribution of the community and the church, it was entirely preserved. It is celebrated on the same day as the inauguration of the church, on the 8th of September, with the display of the Holy Icon of Our Lady.