Church of Panagia of Moutoullas

To the south of the village, on a rocky hill overlooking the area and at a distance of 300 meters from the main road, is the church of Panagia, called “Moutoullas” (formerly “The Most Holy Theotokos of Gerakiotis”). The name of the temple is due to the “surname” of the founder, Ioannis Gerakiotis or Ioannis Moutoullas. A scholarly inscription on the sacred step of the church mentions the date of the church’s acquisition in 1280 AD by John and his wife Irene.

The temple belongs to the type of wooden-tempered temple, which is a special and typical type of the Troodos mountain range. This type of church, with a strong sloping roof, is covered with flat tiles. It has internal dimensions without the arch of 6.73m x 3.75m. The arch has a 1.95m cord and an arrow of 1.30m. At the end of the 14th century. A.D. (or probably the beginning of the 15th century) galleries (female and narthex) were constructed on the west and north sides of the church.

In December 1985 the church of Panagia Moutoulla was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.