Church of the Timios Stavros (Holy Cross)

The church of the Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) is located at the exit of the Community of Tembria, on the road to Korakou-Evrychou on the top of a hill overlooking the mountain. Tradition connects its building with the discovery and transfer of the Cross from the village of Lampados, which is located between the villages of Sina Oros and Galata. The church of Timios Stavros was built at the point where the Cross became too heavy during its transfer. It is a 16th-century building that architecturally belongs to the type of wood-roofed basilica. It measures 5 x 15 meters.

The original building – the 16th-century – had some additions in the 18th century, but also renovation works in 1994 and 2010. Specifically, in 1994, the roof was completely replaced, while in 2010, both maintenance of the wood work, the installation of a new floor with old gypsum tiles and restoration of the exterior wall. Unfortunately, the date of the inauguration of the church remains unknown.

Inside, the church is adorned with a wooden, carved 18th-century iconostasis, the creator of which is unknown. The icons inside the church are older than the 16th century, although the church was not built on the foundations of an earlier church to justify the chronology of the icons. Some say that the icons were transferred from the church of St. George that existed in Pera Gitonia and was demolished.