Circular Nature Trail of the Artemis Rocks Study

The path took its name from the goddess Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and Lydo, the twin sister of Apollo. The trail follows a circular path around Chionistra at an average altitude of 1850m and the tour is carried out with the help of directional signs. The two, black-pine trees over 500 years old, the rich and rare flora and rocks of the region unfold in the eyes of the walker during his walk.

The predominant rock is harzburgite in which small bodies of the Dunite appear. These rocks are penetrated by newer veins of pegmatite gabbro, rhiniditis and pyroxite. In the course of cracks, the harzburgite turned into green serpentinite. Harzburgite is the refractory residue that remained after the partial misting of the Upper Mantle at depths of about 60 km below the ocean floor of Tethys and the creation of a basalt constituent magma, from which the other rocks of the ophiolithic complex came about 92 million years ago .

The entire route is located in the Troodos National Forest Park, which is the NATURA 2000 site.

Route details
Starting point: 300m from the road connecting to Chionistra with the road Troodos – Prodromos.
Route: 7km – circular
Maximum – Minimum altitude: 1860m – 1820m
Travel time: 3 hours
Degree of difficulty: 1


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