Construction of The EOKA Hideouts

The Limeria was a four-part hideout den: the headquarters, the warehouse, a galley, and an observatory. They are located on the ridge that overlooks the village of Kourdali. The headquarters of EOKA was located here for a while. The leader lived in the main hideout.

Chief George Grivas Digenis ordered the hideouts to be built in the area, where the fighters could resort to at any time when their presence in the villages would be difficult. Following the recognition of the mountains of the area, the ridge on Kourdali was chosen. The fresh water spring, which was 300 metres below the ridge, was also a decisive factor in the decision to build the hideouts in the area.

The location chosen for the construction of the Lemeria was ideal. Access from the enemy was difficult because there was no road in the area. It was offered for defense, especially from the village of Spilia, but also for safe escape to Kakopetria or Asinou. The Lemeria hideouts were constructed in the summer of 1955 by residents of Spilia-Kourdali and Kyperounda under the direction of the District Chief of Staff, Renos Kyriakidis.

Lemeria hosted EOKA leader General George Griva Digeni and 18 other rebels from 23/11/1955 to 11/12/1955.

Today the hideouts have been repaired by the Department of Forests, which has created a network of trails in the area, with explanatory and directional signs and benches. This makes it easier to visit the Limeria. In addition, a forest road leads up to the ridge above Digenis headquarters. The visit of the Limeria Hideouts takes about two hours.