Contemporary History

52 km


4 hours


50 km/h

Average Speed

1400m – 300m


The region of Solea was influenced by all the historical moments that Cyprus passed and the purpose of this journey is to present the modern history of Solea during the Turkish occupation and the later on, British occupation but also during the liberation struggle of EOKA.
During the Turkish occupation, Islam, massacres, small churches with low lighting and small doors, isolated settlements in the mountains and the abandonment of monasteries are some of the iconic signs of that time. The life of the inhabitants of Cyprus during the British occupation changed for the better. Buildings began to be built, schools, new jobs opened, transport changed and tourism promoted. Via the church, the desire of cultivating a union with Greece began and the referendums and revolts begin. During the National Liberation Struggle of 1955-1959 several fighters fought in the area of Solea where visitors will have the opportunity to visit their hideouts and where they fell.