Crataegus Azarolus (Hawthorn)

The Hawthorn (crataegus azarolus) is a resilient and strong bush and/or tree of the Mediterranean. It thrives in the Troodos mountains up to an altitude of 1800 meters. In soils very acidic to very alkaline (Ph 5-9). It grows slowly and can reach up to 2-5 meters.
The Hawthorn is a deciduous tree. It usually flowers in May, and has many beautiful, small white flowers, its fruits mature in October. Both its flowers and fruit have excellent properties and are very beneficial to human health. Its flowers make a very nice tea. The wisps of the fruit makes wonderful jam.
The Troodos mountains are covered with forests with unique natural beauties. The plant species living in the Troodos forest are more than 750. Among the 72 endemics of Cyprus, of which 12 live exclusively in the Park and nowhere else on the planet.
Most of the Troodos forest was declared in 1992 at National Forest Park. The purpose of the declaration is to preserve and properly exploit its valuable functions and values: ecological, scientific, hydrological, recreational and tourist.


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