Cyprus Cedar

In small areas there are other species such as Cedrus brevifolia and Cupressus sempervirens. It is known from antiquity and is mentioned by Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder as a very important forest tree of that time.

The Cypriot cedar is one of four species in the world. The other three belong to Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, the Himalayas and the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. Their differences are very small, and it is believed that they all came from a single species whose geographical spread begins from the Himalayas to the east and ends up in the Atlas Mountains to the west.

It reaches a height of up to 30-35 m in deep and good quality soils. At an early age, it still has a narrow crown and is conic in shape, while in older trees, it is wide and flattened at the peak. Compared to other species of cedar, it has the shortest needles in length and that is why it is known as a brevifolium cedar. It has unique flowers.

Its wood is of good quality because it is rich in resin that gives it a very strong and pleasant smell and makes it long-lasting and resistant to pests and insects. It is considered to be a very good material for the construction of ships, furniture, wood carvings and general construction. In many of the old churches of Cyprus, cedar wood was used in the construction of doors and windows, wood-carved iconostases, stools, emblems, etc…


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