E4 European Long Distance Path

The E4 European Long Distance Path starts from Gibraltar, crosses from Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece and ends in Crete from where it extends to Cyprus. The path is a route from where the walker will enjoy beautiful landscapes and places of significant ecological, historical, archaeological, cultural and scientific value. In Cyprus the path passes through the Troodos Mountains, the Akamas peninsula and large plots of rural areas.

The E4 European Long Distance Path passes through the forest of Adelphi and the Troodos forest and has a total length of 70 km. It starts from the road of Nicosia – Klirou – Kalo Chorio – Farmakas, 4 kilometers south of Klirou to Pharmakas at an altitude of 500 meters. The path leads to the chapel of Agios Georgios Kapouralis, on the main road of Phini – Lemithou at an altitude of 1050 meters.

The trail has no particular difficulty in walking, although it has some uphill points. The time to walk the path ranges from 25 to 30 hours.


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