Eliomilos (Olive Mill) Museum

Housed in the courtyard of the Church of Sotiros (The Saviour), in the old picturesque neighborhood of Kakopetria, this old olive mill with the characteristic millstone currently displayed in the Museum, is no longer in use. The traditional mill consisted of two stones, the ‘skoutellin’ and the “millstone”. A ‘skoutellin’ is a circular stone that served as a basin, while the millstone was a circular stone with a hole in the centre where a beam was placed horizontally.

The millstone, as Katopetria’s inhabitants typically describe, was rotated with the help of the men pushing the beam. In particular, two men stood on one side and two on the other, and as they pushed the millstone around, the olives that were placed beneath it, were pulped. Immediately afterwards, this pulp, as the locals describe, was placed in a sieve-like basket, where it was pressed with a vice and the oil was obtained.

If the Museum is not open, guests can get the key from Mrs. Eleni who lives opposite the church.

Address: Palia Kakopetria – Sotiros Church, Kakopetria, Nicosia.
Tel.: +357 22922323
E-mail: kakopetriaeu@cytanet.com.cy
Opening Hourse: Monday – Friday 07: 30-15: 00


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