Esso Galata (Central Galata) Estate

The Esso Galata Estate is situated between the reservoir and the Church of Agios Tychikos.  On the estate, around 30 different types of aromatic and pharmaceutic herbs are grown. These herbs, as well as some of the fruit grown here, are used for the production of essential oils. At the peak of the estate, past the man-made waterfall, one can visit a large beekeeping workshop in a giant cell-shaped wooden building used for the production, processing and storage of honey.

The products that the estate produces include: honey, hazelnuts, almonds, wild berries, such as myrtles, marshes, marjoram, blueberries, wild strawberries and crab-apples. On the farm, too, the visitor can observe or try different fruits such as cherries, apples, pears, plums and lotus, depending on the period when they visit it. On the estate, there is a sign on all kinds of plants and shrubs so the traveller can recognize them.

The ultimate goal of the estate, is to preserve nature and to showcase Cypriot rural traditions, white simultaneously experiment with new plants and cultivation techniques.

To book a visit to the estate or for opening hours,
please contact Mr. Savvas on (+357) 99 63 57 37


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