Esso Galata (Central Galata) Reservoir

A dirt-earthed cistern that was created in 1985 near the Church of Agios Tychikos, in order for local farmers to water their farms. The maximum depth of the tank reaches 27 metres, while its total capacity is 35,000 cubic metres.

The enchanting turquoise waters of the reservoir, as well as the surrounding area, which is covered with green mountains. At the reservoir, one will be able to distinguish many small fish. Travellers can enjoy the tranquillity and serenity that this isolated area offers, away from the hustle of everyday life.

Next to the reservoir you’ll see The Chrysanthos Farm, where you can walk around and observe the cultivation of herbs, used for the production of essential oils. Wander amongst the various plants and shrubs and enjoy the hundreds of pleasant odours, or try some organic honey produced in the original structure that overlooks the area.