Evrychou Police Station

There has been a Police Station in Evrychou village since 1915. Initially it was staffed by four police officers, who took care of the security of the Solea area. They moved around primarily on horses until the 1950s and later used wheeled vehicles.

The headquarters of the Morphou Police Department, after the occupation of the homonymous town by the Turks in August 1974, was transferred to Pedoulas, where it co-hosted with the local Police Station until 1978. The headquarters of the Morphou Police Directorate were then moved to Evrychou, today with the same Police Station.

Besides its usual tasks, the police force in the village operates and provides social and humanitarian services such as the provision of assistance and patient transportation, humanitarian and other assistance to the public, assistance to the Fire Service in fire extinguishing, its intervention reconciliation of various personal civil disputes, handling of juvenile problems, assistance to people at risk for various reasons, voluntary blood donation of police officers and cases of missing persons.

The contact telephone number of the Evrychou Police Station is: +357 22802524.


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