Fenced Area with Moufflons (Platania Excursion Area)

Next to the Platania Excursion area, one can admire the wild, Moufflon of Cyprus in a specially fenced area.

The Moufflon (Ovis orientalis ophion) is the largest land mammal and an endemic species of Cyprus and is rightly described as the most important representative of the island’s fauna. It is the jewel of the Cypriot forest and the pride of the Cypriots. It is inextricably linked to the history of the island and the Cypriot civilization and is depicted in a large number of vessels and other archaeological finds. Still today, its image adorns Cypriot coins and was the trademark of Cyprus Airways.

The Moufflon is a species of wild goat, originated from the Asiatic orientalis (Ovis orientalis), which has its roots in the wider region of the Near East. It is a species of intense racial and seasonal dimorphism. Males carry heavy sickle horns and are clearly larger and more impressive than females. Their weight is 35 kilos and their height is one metre. The coat of the males during the winter season is heavy, dark in color with intense dark shades on the front of the neck, chest and back. In summer, their coat is lighter and also lighter in colour, while dark shades are much more nuanced especially on the back where they tend to fade. Females do not have horns and their colour is almost uniform, light brown and their weight does not exceed 25 kg.


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