Flassou Community Council

Flassou is a mixed village in the area of ​​Solea in Nicosia, about 3 kilometers northwest of Evrychou village. The community is built in the valley of the Karkotis River, at an average altitude of 330 meters. The altitude of the village is between 250 and 400 meters.

The village existed during the Medieval times as a feud, with the same name. Louis de Mas Latrie mentions it as a feuced, using the names Flace, Flasso or Phlasso. Moreover, on old maps, the village is marked as Flaso but also as Fluso.

There is a reference that the village, as a feud during the Frankish rule, belonged to a medieval family called De Flasse (or de Flasso), whose known member was the noble Bartholomew de Flasse. Thus, there is the view that the village took the name of its owner, namely the De Flasse family.

There is also an opposite view, that the village initially named Vlasou, and some say that someone named Vlasos was the first settler. The predominant view is that the village was probably founded during Byzantine times, and that initially it was named St. Vlasios (but it is unknown which of the three versions is correct).

Consequently, the current name of the village, which was altered during the Frankish rule, is hagiological.

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Contact info
Website: http://www.flassou.org/
Address: Markou Drakou 2, 2843, Flassou
Tel.: 22933068
Fax: 22932364
Email: info@flassou.org / k.s.Flassou@cytanet.com.cy


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