Folk Art Museum

The museum of Folk Art was founded by the primary school headmaster of the time, Mr. Athanasios Papadopoulos. It was created in the summer of 1990 kai is housed in the old primary school building of Galata village.

Many of the items in the museum were acquired by donations from the inhabitants of the Galata region and surrounding areas. Items were also obtained through visits to other provinces in Cyprus. He managed to gather a rich collection of items and created a museum quite rich in exhibits.

There is a plethora of folkloric items based on the life and history of the village. The traditional wooden door made of pine and the reed roof make this building particularly impressive. As is the entrance of the museum, which at first glance one would think this was an old village house.

The items on display in the museum cover a range of professions from the beginning of the century. Every single item in the museum is classified by occupation. Items on exhibit include tools and equipment for the following occupations: shepherds, farmers, silk weavers, builders, butchers, potters, woodcutters, wine merchants, shoe makers and carpenters. There is also a large collection of attire, a wide variety of kitchen items, various seasonal furnishings, and a chest of drawers dating back to 1925.

Address: Archiepiskopou Makariou 139, Galata, Cyprus
Telephone No.: (+357) 22923250
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 14:30

To arrange to visit the museum during non opening hours, please contact the mayor of Galata Mr. Kostakis Kleanthous on the telephone number (+357) 99300072.


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