Frescoes of the Archangel Michael Church

The Church of Archangel Michael has been characterised as one of the most important monuments in the area due to the well-preserved Byzantine frescoes of the 15th century and the wooden temple shield, also painted by Byzantine representations. Noteworthy is the imposing mural painting of Archangel Michael, which has been preserved in excellent condition, while the name of the painter of the church – Minas – was also preserved from the Marathasa region.

This church, of around half a millennium of age, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is one-aisled, with a wooden roof and a C-shaped splint, which was used as a gynekonite because of its small size. It was built and frescoed at the expense of the priest Vasilios Hamados, who is portrayed along with his wife and two daughters offering a model of the church to Archangel Michael. It is remarkable that the eyes of certain Saints were destroyed during the time of looting by the altars, in order not to see the damage they caused. Three images have been preserved, located in a museum and in the neighboring church of the Holy Cross in Pedoulas. The church celebrates on November 8, a feast day of the Synaxis of the Archangels.


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