Futsal Court

To the west of Korakou village, a Futsal stadium was created by the community, hosting various sports events and activities. The stadium is open to 5 x 5 football matches almost throughout the year.

The Korakou Community Council has, in recent years made a number of improvement efforts in the area’s sports facilities. The athletic centre includes a 100x68 metre football pitch, a gym, changing rooms, stands and night lighting, it is considered suitable for preparing groups during summer months (low humidity and lower than average temperature compared to beach sports centres).

To use the Futsal Sports Centre or Stadium and for more information on the services provided, you can visit the Community’s official website or contact the Community Council.

Contact info
Website: http://www.korakou.org
Address: Korakou Community Council, Cultural Centre 10, 2836, Korakou
Tel: +357 22932903
Fax: +357 22933470