Gaiofilos (Friend of the earth) Olive Mill

Olive trees are one of the main characteristics of the Solea valley, as the climatic conditions and the rural occupation of the local people favor their cultivation. In almost all the villages of Solea, the production of oil and olives is rich. Thousands of ancient trees, and more recent ones, are planted in large areas for the sole purpose of collecting their precious fruit. Most olives are transported to the mills to extract oil.

The Gaiofilos Olive Mill is a modern mill operating since 2013. Visitors can observe and get informed about the process of packaging olives, sorting, processing and bottling olive oil and raw olive oil (oil produced from unripe olives), while at the same time they can buy products at the mill shop.

For more information about the mill or to schedule a visit, contact Christos Charalambides on +357 96574769.


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