Galata Bakery

The Kyrillou Bakery or the Traditional Galata Bakery, as it is also known, is a traditional choice for sweet and savoury snacks on your way to Troodos.

Since 1953 Mrs. Anna Kyrillou and her husband Mr. Iakovos Kyrillou started baking bread during the summer months to serve holidaymakers.

In 1959, due to old-age, the local baker Parthenis, stopped making bread and could no longer support the needs of the Galata community. Since that time, the Kyrillou family began making bread for the whole community. In 1964, with the descent of the Greek Division, two battalions settled in the community: one at the Galata plant nursery and the other at Agios Nikolaos’s Shelter. They also received their bread from the Kyrillou family bakery.

Sales started to rise, and demand was constantly growing. Due to the large demand for bread, the family decided to build a larger bakery in the Voula area of Galata, where the Kyrillou family home was already situated. With this expansion, they managed to cover the needs of the entire Solea region, but also supplied some of Nicosia with bread.

During the 1974 Turkish invasion and due to the thousands of refugees who came to the area, the demand for bread was huge. They were forced to work endlessly and were making up to 5000 loaves of bread per day.

In 1975, the modern-day bakery was built. It is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and produces of the finest bread products available on the market.


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