Galata Community Council

The Galata community is built at an altitude of 620 metres above sea level on the banks of the Karkotis River, surrounded by lush greenery of wild and fruit trees, with impressive wooden balconies and wooden stairs of old traditional houses, the six Byzantine churches pyramidal roofs and rectangular tiles, wooden doors-windows-beams, the result of an outstanding cultural heritage.

The rich vegetation of the village consists mainly of pines, poplars, plane trees, cypresses and others. More intense is the wild vegetation on the banks of the river Karkotis, next to the water that flows throughout the year.

According to one story, the name of the community comes from the shepherds who lived in Esso Galata and were visited there by the residents of lower Galata, to buy milk (Gala in Greek means milk). According to a second story, the name Galata was given to the village by its first settlers, who came from Galaia of Asia Minor and were called Galates.

For more information about the village of Galata, you can visit the official website or contact the Community Council.

Contact Information
Address: 139, Archbishop Makarios III, 2827, Galata – Nicosia
Telephone No.: +357 22923250
Fax: +357 22923373


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