Galata Village Square

Galata is a beautiful village, built at 60km west of the city of Nicosia. The lush landscape that surrounds it, along with its many sights and amenities, make it a great attraction for visitors and tourists.

A noteworthy mention should be made regarding the square of the village, where under the shade of an ancient oak and plane trees, with the river Karkotis rolling nearby, one will experience unforgettable moments of peace and tranquility, as well as enjoy the cool temperatures during the summer months. If you’re lucky to be there during the summer months, many events take place in the village square and offer a pleasant change to your trip.

Today, in Galata, thanks to the necessary infrastructure for dining and accommodation, its sights, namely, the Byzantine painted churches, the Folk Art Museum, the Kyrillos Watermill, picturesque nature trails, rich greenery, traditional houses with their characteristic balconies and the fact that this village is so close to Nicosia, Limassol and Troodos, causes tourism to increase year after year.